Boosted Labs is much more than an annual mentorship-driven pre-accelerator program

The Guys Behind the Lab

Boosted Labs takes you to the top — our teach and learn ecosystem of founders, mentors, investors and corporate partners work cohesively to create a network that will boost your entrepreneurial head start.

We make venture creation a dream come true by channelling you directly to capital, a play space, business management mentorship and talent acquisition.

You might ask what sets us apart from the numerous other accelerators out there, but the thing is, we’re not really considered to be an accelerator. Our entire purpose is to provide you with the resources necessary to take your business idea and cultivate it to the point where it is ready to join some of the top accelerators around the world.

Our Mission

We take your hand and guide your company from a “rough concept” to a top accelerator-ready solution.

We Got You Covered

  • Accelerator institution to facilitate idea growth
  • Financial support
  • Business and management mentoring
  • Facilities
  • Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

Our corporate partners add valuable expertise in a variety of industries by offering experiential mentorship, business development and opportunities to expand your organization.

Founders are empowered by our corporate partnerships to through daily engagement with executives that pave new roads and connections to tackle the difficult aspects of growing your business.

Accelerate your business and build connections for a lifetime. Visit our partners to learn more about the potential connections you will have leverage too.

Our Partners Our Partners